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Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Perfectly baked crispy chicken wings for any game day
Freshly baked crispy Chicken Wings!

I explain 4 easy tricks to get perfectly crispy baked chicken wings at home!

I have tried MANY MANY different ways to achieve this level of crispiness from my oven, with little to no success until recently. I tried coating them with corn starch, I tried brushing them with butter and broiling in the last 10 mins of the bake, I tried cooking at super high temperatures etc! I gave up for a little while and just went back to frying them in my grass fed beef tallow, but after only being able to fry like 4 wings at a time I decided to try some new things. I also didn't have the patience to stand and babysit 4 little wings at a time when I had mouths to feed, feel me? None of those other attempts could even compared to this new and simple way of getting the wings this crispy from the oven!

Here are 4 tricks to baking Crispy Organic Pasture Raised Chicken wings

#1.) Make sure you start with Dry, super DRY Wings - Take them out of the package, pat them dry and let them sit in the fridge for a 2 to 3 hours. Starting with high quality pasture raised organic chicken wings makes a big difference in taste.

#2.) Rub them with oil - after they have dried rub them with oil, then add salt, pepper and seasonings.

#3.) Make sure the oven is up to temp before putting them in - I don't know about you but I have a terrible habit of throwing things in the oven before it reaches temp. It doesn't work well with with chicken wings. Take my word for it and don't make my mistake! :)

#4.) Broil in the end! - After you set the stage with dry skin and rubbing the perfect oil on them (olive oil, avocado oil will work great!) You then can blast them for a few minutes under the broiler to bring out a little more color and really set in the crisp that you want. Bonus tip: I don't put that many seasons/spices on before the broil bc they tend to be a little delicate and char up a bit.

After you have completed the steps, it's then time to brush/toss on your favorite sauce or sprinkle some spices on such as garlic/onion/red pepper flakes or a spicy Carissa rub or just pour melted butter all over them, you'll thank me!

4 tricks to Crispy Baked Wings
Crispy baked wings

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