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When will my 'Berger Box arrive?

Berger Boxes are custom packed Monday each week, and delivered Tuesday-Thursday depending on your location. 

What is 'Berger Box local delivery radius?

We currently offer door to door delivery of 'Berger Box within 25 miles of our farm.  Customers outside of that radius will receive their 'Berger Box via USPS. (Additional fees may incur)

How how is Berger Box shipped?

Your 'Berger Box will be shipped inside an insulated package.  Shipping is available for any address within a 48 hour transit time.

I just signed up for Berger Box now what?

 We will contact you via email to confirm your order of your first 'Berger Box.  You will not be billed until your 'Berger Box ships.

On the day of delivery if you cannot be home please leave a cooler with ice/ ice pack by the front door to keep your meat cold until your return.

What is in each 'Berger Box?

There is a collection of locally raised GMO free grass fed meats in each box. The contents change each week to provide variety.  Every cut is in convenient portioned packages. 


Can I customize box? 

Yes, you can add select items on a one time or continuing basis.  Your Small/Reg Berger Box selection is hand picked by us each week.


How do you figure out the meals?

Meals are based on a 1/3 pound serving. Meals vary depending on the cuts included. 


Do I need to be home?

No, if you will not be home please leave a cooler with ice/ice pack by the front door.


Can I recycle the box?

Yes just leave it out for us at your next pick up.


What if I don’t know what to do with a cut?

Have fun, get creative, look up your own recipe or email us for help.

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