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Our Animals and Philosophy

Our Animals: Project

No Spray Regenerative Farming

We no longer participate in the USDA organic program but still use the same practices.
We are dedicated to producing the healthiest, most nutritious meats possible. We believe animals thrive better when raised in an environment that nature intended. Because of our deep respect and care for both the land and animals, all livestock is raised on open air grass fields where they are moved to fresh pasture rotationally to ensure they get to forage and eat a true diet they were born to eat. Not only is this what defines our pasture based operation it also provides the necessary natural fertilizer to ensure the pasture is healthy for years to come. Our standards are not the easiest or lowest cost way, but we believe it's better for, not only, the animals and environment but a better tasting and nourishing product for our customers. 

The irrefutable evidence for regenerative farming is easy to provide and is free for anyone.  Using Google Earth satellite images anyone can see the small cells of green and brown areas where animals have rotated through.  There you see where the animals came and removed the tall grasses and left their waste behind browning the area.  A short time later the area springs back even greener then before.  The presence of a large variety of indigenous plants considered a weed by some and killed by chemical sprays confirms lack of sprays used.  The evidence is right there for you to see at 1614 Ridge road Sellersville PA! 


Our Grass Fed Beef is rotationally graze to always get the the freshest salad bar.


Pastured Pork

We raise Heritage breed hogs.  These pigs yield a tender full flavor meat.

Our hogs rotational graze Pasture

Pasture Raised Eggs


A variety of heritage laying hens gives each dozen a signature look of different colors and nest picked size eggs with rich orange yolks. They are highly desired by Chefs, Bakers and connoisseurs alike for their all around high quality.


Pasture Raised Poultry

Pasture raised are the two cornerstones to our poultry program.  We raise our birds from day one with locally produced food ration and constant access to fresh pasture.   We do this by constantly moving open air shelters every day all summer, this provides the birds with access to freshly cut green grass, sunlight and all the bugs they would naturally have access to.  Pasture raised chicken can only be produced in the summer in our area. 

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