Our Story

Who are we?

Nathan and Shelah Layton founded Hershberger Heritage Farm in 2014. Family owned and operated with co-owner Patrick Ebner.

We are 4th generation farmers who haven't always been farmers. Nathan grew-up on his pappy Hershberger's 800 acre dairy farm in south central PA. After Nathan spent 8 years in the US Air Force we settled life in beautiful Bucks County, and noticed how difficult it was to source beyond organic pasture raised meat and eggs. We wanted to solve that problem for our community so, we did!

With our passion and passed down knowledge of animal husbandry, Hershberger Heritage Farm became a reality. We believe there is a food crisis, and our mission is to make big changes in our food system. Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know what it's fed, injected with, or what quality of life it experiences? We think you should. Our goal and passion at Hershberger Heritage Farm is to produce food we are proud to serve to community, ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren – food that is grown responsibly, sustainably, and according to nature's perfect design. Our plan is to grow the best meat in the world produced here in Bucks County and be a palpable inspiration to all.


Home Grown by Heroes

We are a PA preferred Homegrown by Heroes producer