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We have a major challenge, and need your help to solve it.

Let us open the doors a little wider and let you in on the challenge we are talking about.

During May to November we travel to many Farmers Markets in Bucks County to bring our products directly to you from our farm, and we love it! We see up to 200 folks any given Saturday alone. It makes us so happy to know that our customers need, want and are committed to shopping and sourcing our local products. This is the kind of relationship we have built with our community that allows us to continue to maintain and grow the farm a little every year. The challenge is during the months of December through April we see a drop in customers.

Our Sellersville Farm Shop

Souderton 3rd Fridays

Doylestown Farmers' Market

We know that winter is a tough time for everyone. Our goal is to make things easier and keep our customers happy all year not just during farmer's Market season. We have a really exciting solution for this, and we'd like to hear from you if this is something you are interested in as well. We are a farm that is open all year long. Our products are available all year long. We work very hard during the growing season to continue to have our products available all year. One red flag we keep hearing from folks is "convenience." Our products are not as convenient when we aren't at the Farmers Markets. We have heard you loud and clear and that is why we are working hard on making our meats and eggs more convenient and accessible ALL YEAR with this new delivery option! Are you someone who waits all winter for the Farmers' Markets to open so that you can source from your favorite local farms because it's just more convenient? Home Delivery is our very best idea and attempt to close the distance and offer the ultimate convenience to supply you what you need without having to wait for Farmer's Market season! We want you to know that we are committed to you just as you are to us and encouraged by all the feedback we get. Would you be interested in getting a weekly delivery to your home of our products ALL YEAR instead of only HALF THE YEAR? Don't worry, this service wouldn't replace visiting the farm or farmer's markets if you rather do that. We still plan to continue with those too. We just want to make sure we are doing all we can to listen and give our community what they want. Please answer the question below and add your comment/answers below. Will be much appreciated! Thank you!


Would you like to get our products delivered to your home?

1.) Yes, Where do I sign up?

2.) Nah, I'd rather come to the Farm/Farmers' Markets

Please make your comments below! Thanks!

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