"Free Range CSA", what is it and why you need it in your life

Since the start of our farm, 'community' has always been at its very core. We are a small 4th generation family owned farm who are making big changes in our food system by operating the only Certified Organic Livestock farm in Bucks County offering pasture raised certified organic meats and eggs. Our passion is connecting people to their food in sharing the beauty and real process of the term "From Farm to Fork."

In honor of National Ag Day today, we wanted to celebrate that in bringing more awareness to our community, and to fully explain what our "Free Range CSA" means and why you need it in your life. The two ways anyone can obtain our products is by purchasing by the cut, or buying that same cut at membership prices by joining our CSA(community supported agriculture.)Thou, our "Free Range CSA" isn't like most CSA's where you pay ahead for a "share" of produce or specific meat that you need to pick up every week or so. Our customers love our Free Range CSA because it's easy, convenient and affordable. Here's how it works.

You're basically just paying ahead for what you already spend on meats monthly/yearly and we give you up to 16% OFF retail prices as a thank you.

First, You choose from one of our 4 price options(see price options here)that best fit your family's needs. Then, the money and correlating discount gets stored on a "membership card"(which is really a gift card.)

The best part, SAVE MONEY! There is no waiting period. Start using your card the same day.

You can use the membership card on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we carry(see products here)at any of our locations including Farmers Markets. Our Farm is open all year.) The membership card then turns into a higher value card when your discount is applied. For example: a $2,000 membership card earns a savings of 16% which turns your $2,000 into an extra $320 of FREE PRODUCTS! It never expires. No weekly pick-up deadlines. You decided how often you need to come. Shop from our wide range of products from our signature organic pastured meats and eggs to organic locally sourced livestock feed, organic raw dog food, Laying Hens, soaps, classes and much more!

Easy Peasy, right?

We design this program especially with our customers in mind. There is no one size fits all share size. Every family size and needs are as different as there are families. We figured out a way to meet those needs by you(our customers)making the important decisions for your family, because who knows your own family best? YOU DO! We are just here to provide the most delicious and healthy products while building relationships and our community with transparency.

Give our Free Range CSA a try, Click here to sign up today!

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