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As a special thank you for purchasing this $1K CSA early in the season we are giving 2 FREE Grass-fed Steaks for a March Signup Bonus! Be sure to Grab it now for magor savings!

Check out all the benifits below.


Join the only Organic Pasture Raised Meat and Egg CSA in Bucks County, PA!


Load a giftcard for $1,000 and its Worth $1,100 of credit on our products! $1,000 down = 10% discount off of each purchase


(This option is popular with families who eat all organic & the finest protien and want a large savings of 10% off each purchase)


Your membership card does NOT expire.

Our Farm Store is open all year long

You shop the variety, quantity and frequency all year long


    If you don't hold a membership card with us, you are still welcome to come and shop our products. Check out all our locations here.


    All Hershberger Heritage Farm livestock is raised on Certified Organic Pasture. We are the only Certified Organic Live stock Farm in Bucks County offering Pasture Raised Meats and Eggs.


    Consider Joining our community this year! :)



    Membership Perks:

    • We are Open Year Round
    • Recieve membership pricing of (up to) 15% off all retail prices of Meats/Eggs when you use your membership card
    • Use Membership card at our Farm Shop and all Farmers Market locations
    • Loaded Membership Card does NOT expire EVER!
    • No pickup deadlines
    • Shop as you normally would and get a discount on what you get!
    • Discount is applied at every purchase
    • Join the ONLY Certified Organic Meat and Egg CSA in Bucks county
    • Get all the good feels of supporting your local farm while getting the most excellent products to nourish you and your family at a discount rate
    • Split it with a friend, if you both sign up at the same time you will each get your own card! (odd or even split)
    • Shop a LARGE variety of Pork, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Eggs all raised right here in Bucks County!

    1k CSA

    • The membership card can either be shipped to you for $5 or can be picked up at our farm store or one of our Market Locations at your next visit.

    • If you choose to purchase this online and splitting this share with a friend, all you have to do is send us a note when you check out of how the split will work.


      For example Tom and Jane want to split this share 50/50 so you just let us know and we will load two cards of $500ea. card for this share. Or specify a certain dollar amount for each person.


      We can mail them to you or pickup in the store or Farmers Markets